Flirty Not Dirty

Flirty Not Dirty


The Burlesque Academy of Dance

Elegant, graceful and subtly sexy! Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes. Gone are the sweaty leotards and trainers, instead a fabulous new way to exercise designed to firm your figure, complement your curves and celebrate being gorgeous!

Increase your body confidence and celebrate your femininity as you learn to bump and grind in true diva style. Don’t think it’s easy though, you will certainly feel your muscles work.

I’m not  telling you which ones though, you’ll need to come to a class to find out! Any age, any shape, any size, all that matters is a celebration of all things feminine and at last a return to real glamour. All the B.A.D. girls (and boys) are highly qualified and experienced teachers who just love what they do – you’re in safe hands.

To find a class just click the classes link on the menu, and if we aren’t near you, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.