Burlesque6First of all, what it’s NOT is striptease.

Whilst it does involve teasing, and removing clothing, a Burlesque performance never involves nudity, the whole point is that nothing is ever revealed. Originally the term Burlesque referred to a humorous theatrical entertainment of any kind, often a parody, and comes from the Spanish “burla” meaning “joke”.

In more recent times, the word has become associated with the dance form in particular, although a full Burlesque show will often still include elements of comedy.

Our classes are a great alternative to traditional fitness classes and incorporate a lot of fun and a little bit of flirt, and teach great posture and body confidence whilst toning up your curves.

We teach some wonderful moves in simple to follow routines and use costuming in the form of gloves, boas, scarves and fans (which we provide). It’s a great way to lose weight, tone up, and meet other like minded divas! See you at class!

Make sure you reserve your place on the classes page, numbers are small and sell out quickly!